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 Naslov: Ozil: I don't care what people think of me
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Arsenal and ex-Germany playmaker Mesut Ozil has hit back at his critics and revealed thatsbobet24 the opinions of others don't matter to him.The German, who spent four seasons at Real Madrid, where he won a league title, a Spanish Super Cup and a Copa del Rey spoke to the Daily Mail in a rare interview."Look, I know there are people out there that like me, there are also people who don't like me," Ozil said."This is a fact of life. But, for me, what is important is what the people in my inner circle tell me."Criticism aimed at the 30-year-old intensified when he announced his international retirement, after he citedsbobet24 'discrimination' as the reason for hanging up his boots."I am German when we win, an immigrant when we lose," he admitted, having said the same in July.Ozil gave assurances that he feels no resentment towards the national side where he has 'many friends' who he will continue to 'support and encourage'.The Arsenal star also had his say on his current situation at the Emirates club, where he is flourishing under coach Unai Emery."Personally, things are going well but that doesn't mean I stop working," he continued."But the most important thing is that the team is going well at the moment."But we have to keep being hungry, and keep progressing.[url=บทความ-sbobet/]sbobet24[/url]

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