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 Naslov: Cairo Festival City, Cairo Runners organize Egypt’s biggest
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sbobet88888​ On Friday, February 23, New Cairo’s streets witnessed its biggest street marathon and first paralympic marathon in Egypt, brought by Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM) and presented by Cairo’s first street-running initiative, Cairo Runners.

The marathon started at CFCM’s Linking Plaza Parking and extended allsbobet88888the way to the Fifth Settlement’s streets. The event started at 6:00 a.m. Cairo Runners managed to host five separate runs, including the first ever paralympic marathon in Egypt, a 42-km marathon for seasoned runners, a 21-km run for amateur runners, a 10-km run for casual runners and a 3-km run for families.

Runners were joined by social media royalties Just a GoProer and Marwan Younis, as well as musician Hisham Kharma. After the marathon, attendees got to celebrate the awards ceremony with music by Egypt’s top band, Sharmoofers, while they enjoyed brunch at Festival Village.

Over 6,250 runners attended thesbobet88888marathon, along with their cheering fans of more than 4,000 family members and acquaintances. Proceeds from the event were donated to build a room in the 500500 National Cancer Institute, the biggest worldwide.

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