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HKD  //  Seminars and conferences  //  Seminars and conferences in Croatia  //  14th Round Table Discussion on Mobile Libraries in Croatia and the 8th Festival of Croatian Bookmobiles
14th Round Table Discussion on Mobile Libraries in Croatia and the 8th Festival of Croatian Bookmobiles

Location: Rijeka, Korzo i Gradska Vijećnica 07.06. - 08.06.2019
Organiser: HKD - Komisija za pokretne knjižnice
Suorganizator: Gradska knjižnica Rijeka

Place and date: Rijeka, June 7 and 8, 2019 (Friday and Saturday)
Location and time frame for the Festival: Korzo, June 7, 10.00 a. m. – 1.00 p. m.
Location and time frame for the Round Table Discussion: Rijeka, City Hall, Korzo 16
June 7, 15.00 p. m. – 19.00 p. m.
June 8, 9.00 a.m – 13.00 p. m.
Further notifications with detailed program annd precise assembly schedule of the are to be
annouced by March 30, 2019.
Organizer: HKD – Mobile Library Committee
Co-organizer: Rijeka City Library
Program and Oganisation Board members: Niko Cvjetković, Nika Čabrić, Ljiljana Črnjar,
Iva Grković, Nada Radman, Verena Tibljaš, Ljiljana Vugrinec
Round Table Discussion Title: Bookmobile, Really?
Occasion: 50th Anniversary of the Bookmobile Service of the Rijeka City Library.
Croatian Bookmobile Day, June 9 ( when the mobile library service was first organized
in Rijeka in 1969)
Themes: Culture on the Move
Role of bookmobiles in the implementation of Agenda 2030
Assembly goals:
 pointing out the importance of the mobile library activities within the network of public
libraries, particularly in the light of the new Legislation on Libraries and Library
 encouraging the development of the exisitng, as well as starting new services in the
counties still lacking them
 reminding us of the continuity of the Croatian bookmobile services with special
emphasis on those with the longest tradition: Rijeka City Library – 50 years;
Koprivnica City Library "Fran Galović" - 40 years; Čakovec City Library "Nikola
Zrinski" – 40 years; Križevci City Library "Franjo Marković" – 10 years
 presenting international experiences and striking new partnerships
 familiarizing the audiences with Croatian and foreign bookmobiles, drawing the public
and media attention to interesting aspects of library activitiies and the services they
provide within the public libraries they are part of
 keeping continuity of professional meetings for the sake of public promotion of
mobile libraries and improvment of services they provide
Operation mode: Festival (showing tours) of bookmobiles with attendant programs, guest
lectures, formal lectures, poster exhibition, debate.

Bookmobile festival
Bookmobile services from Croatia and abroad are invited to participate in the 8th
Festival with their vehicles.
Accommodation expenses are covered by organizers for two members of the bookmobile
team, and the driver is not required to pay registration fees.
In order to participate one is obliged to fill in the PARTICIPATION APPLICATION FORM.
Applications are do for: February 15, 2019.

Ali interested librarians and members of mobile service teams are kindly invited to prepare
their 10 minute presentations covering the following:
- Culture on the Move
- Bookmobile Roles in the Implementation of Agenda 2030
Presentation applications should include: presenter's name and surname, e-mail
address. name of the library, title of the presentation, the title in English, an abstract
up to 250 words, an abstract in English.
Application forms along with abstracts are due for: February 15, 2019 - e-mail:
pokretne.knjiznice@gmail.com and ljiljana.crnjar@gkri.hr
Program board will inform the authors by March 15, 2019 whether their
lectures/presentations are approved, and final list with all accepted applications will be
presented with the second notification on the assembly.
Participation Applications and registration fees
In order to participate in the Round Table Discussion and Festival and pay the registration
fees one is obliged to fill in the PARTICIPATION APPLICATION FORM. Upon receiving the
application, the Rijeka Citty Library will issue aan invoice for registration fees.
Registration fee: 200,00 kn (including: working materials, dinner, refreshments and snacks
during breaks and the participation certificate). Presenters, bookmobile drivers as well as
program organisation board members are not required to pay the fees.
Participation application form payments are due for: May 1, 2019
Registration fee payments are due for : May 10, 2019

Duration of stay: one (June 7 - 8 2019) or two overnights (June 6 - 8 2019)
Hotel Continental ***, A.K. Miošića Šetalište 1
Price per room and day based on bed and breakfast service (discount included):
Single room standard: 467,00 HRK
Double standard room: 584,00 HRK

Residence tax and insurance: additional 10,00 + 1,00 HRK per person and per day
Hotel Neboder ***, Strossmayerova 1
Price per room and day based on bed and breakfast service (discount included):
Single room standard: 455,00 HRK
Double standard room: 570,00 HRK
Residence tax and insurance: additional 10,00 + 1,00 kn per person and per day
Note: Participants (except those paid by the organizer) are coming to the hotel directly.
Payment: Guests pay only on the spot
The contact person is Anamarija Ružić: anamarija.ruzic@jadran-hoteli.hr
VAT is included in the prices.
Travel cancellation costs:
Up to 30 days prior to arrival, the hotel does not charge for canceled services.
From 30 to 15 days prior to arrival the hotel has the right to claim 30% of the amount.
From 15 to 3 days prior to arrival the hotel has the right to claim 50% of the amount.
From 3 to 0 days prior to arrival or in the case of no-show, the hotel charges 100% of the
total amount.
DEADLINE: April 15 2019. After that date, the room will be booked according to

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