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Presentations from symposium  (published: 03.07.2007)
CLA - Committee on library services for children and young adults and Zagreb City Libraries - Medveščak Library organized on March 19, 2007, a symposium on Parents with babies and young children - Welcome to the library!. Presentations are available at CLA website.

Conclusions of the Ninth Days of Special and Academic Libraries  (published: 27.06.2007)
Discussion and questions posed at conclusions of the Ninth Days of Special and Academic Libraries held in Opatija, 13-16 May, 2007 are availabe. Also, Conclusions of the Roundtable devoted to Regulations on development service – its application in special and academic libraries are available online . Presentations are available as well.

On Catalogue : A Selection of Eva Verona's papers  (published: 23.02.2006)
An anthology of Eva Verona's works, edited by Aleksandra Horvat, has been published on the occasion of her 100th birthday by CLA, National and University Library and Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. It contains Verona's papers published abroad, in English, and which have not been translated into Croatian so far. (more)

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