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Commission for medical libraries


Commission for medical libraries was founded in 1986 with the task of addressing specific problems of medical libraries. Since then it has been named Section for medical libraries. Since 1992, it has become the Commission for medical libraries and is part of the section for special and academic libraries, after the decision of the Croatian Library Association to align the names of professional bodies with the names of IFLA sections and commissions.

The Commission represents all libraries and their staff in the field of biomedicine: medical libraries, dental medicine libraries, veterinary medical libraries, hospital libraries and other health institutions.

The Commission represents the medical libraries staff and their rights and interests in their field. It takes care of the development and quality of work in this kind of libraries through various programs etc. The Commission encourages medical libraries staff to exchange information from the field of biomedical literature or through the organization of professional meetings. 

The Commission actively and permanently supports projects which goal is developing information systems for collecting, processing, publishing, storing and searching scientific information in biomedicine.

At the end of 2006 the Working group for hospital libraries was established with the goal of solving challenges which are facing clinical and hospital libraries.