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Komisija za knjižnične usluge za djecu i mladež


The Commission for Children's Libraries was established in 1999 within the Section for Public Libraries.
Headquarters of the Commission:                                                          

Fran Galovic Koprivnica Public Library

Zrinski trg 6

48000 Koprivnica                                                           

The objectives of the commission's work

  • observing the field of library services and programs for children and youth in Croatia, participation in the work of all professional bodies and groups of experts who are starting to develop children's libraries, active participation in appropriate meetings and consultations
  • observing  librarianship for children and youth in the world, presentation of the state of affairs and innovations to domestic experts, and presentation of experiences in the world
  • undertaking concrete actions to improve services  and programs intended for children and youth in public libraries
  • publication of reports, experiences and scientific and expert articles in professional magazines in Croatia and around the world
  • cooperation with other commissions and sections operating in the HKD