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Commission for Advocacy


Advocacy Working Group was founded in 2003 with aim to promote libraries and strengthen the influence of library associations in a wider community.
This professional body is yet to examine all potential forms of activity. Currently, however it is established that one of its priority tasks is the education of the members of the librarian community, with a view to successful advocacy of professional interests.
The initial activities of the Work group are targeting this particular issue with a proposal to the Training Centre for Continuing Training of Librarians (CSSU) to include in its programme workshops on the principles of advocacy.
What do public advocats need to know? – is the outlining topic of the proposed workshop, where the interested librarians can receive a range of practical tips, for example, how to make their library or association visible to the wider public; how to ensure additional funds for activities, or how to develop a good relationship with the media.
After many years of active work Advocacy Working Group proposed (2012) to continue its activities as Croatian Library Association Commission for Advocacy.