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Croatian Library Association Reading Committee


The COMMITTEE FOR READING was established on 19 December 2003 as the Work Group for Reading, on the proposal of Ljiljana Sabljak, and in accordance with the Croatian Library Association’s Statute and Rules of Operation. It operates within the Division for Public Libraries, as one of the 10 members nominated by the regional branches of the Croatian Library Association, on account of its own wish to actively participate. The Work Group became the Committee at the Croatian Library Association’s Assembly in Pula in 2008.

The MISSION of the Committee for Reading is to promote, study, and improve reading and literacy, within the framework of the library profession.

While aiming to complete its mission, the Committee for Reading strives to maintain a balance between the various kinds of libraries when developing the strategies for reader’s competencies and literacy, in line with the National Strategy for the Promotion of Reading. It conceives projects and models for the development, improvement, and advancement of various aspects of reader literacy, in cooperation and partnership with the IFLA Committee for Reading, the Croatian Library Association’s Committees, and other institutions and associations, to raise the rate of literacy and improve reading culture.

OBJECTIVES – The Committee for Reading deals with current and development issues of literacy and reading in libraries. It systematically tracks, promotes, and teaches reading techniques, and is active in raising the rate of literacy with special programs for all social and age groups of library users.
It cooperates with other Committees and divisions of the Croatian Library Association as well as other related associations and institutions. 
The Committee publishes overviews of experiences, and professional and scientific papers in professional journals in Croatia and abroad.