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New CLA publication  (published: 19.08.2008)
In August 2008 reprint of the publication Eva Verona: „Manual for alphabetical catalogues, 2nd part – catalogue description“. Editor: Rajka Gjurković Govorčin. Publication can be purchased online at order form.

Katarina Čveljo - In memoriam  (published: 01.07.2008)
On Saturday June 21st, 2008, only a month before her 87th birthday, Katarina Čveljo - eminent Croatian librarianship and professor emeritus at North Texas University in Denton has passed away. Ms Čveljo has been a honorary member of Croatian Library Association since 2006.

New media in children's libraries  (published: 17.06.2008)
Public library Sisak has published a proceedings New media in children's libraries. Proceedings contain papers delivered at the professional meeting on new media in children's libraries held in Sisak 13-14 December, 2007. Publication can be purchased at web site of Public library Sisak, and the price is 50,00 kn.

10th Days of Special and Academic Libraries  (published: 17.05.2008)
Main theme of the 10th Days of Special and Academic Libraries is Quality in Special and Academic Libraries. The meeting shall be held in Opatija, 24-25 April, 2008. Submissions for poster presentations should be sent by March 1.

Call for nomination for president of CLA  (published: 01.04.2008)
Call has been issued for nominations for the president of CLA. Deadline is June 15. All submissions should be addressed to CLA.

Reading promotion of elementary school children  (published: 26.02.2008)
CLA, Committee for library services for children and young people and Zagreb City Libraries - Medveščak Library have organised professional meeting Programs for promotion of reading of elementary school children which was held on March 14, 2008. in Medveščak Library, Trg žrtava fašizma 7, Zagreb. (opširnije)

dr. Ljerka Markić Čučuković Award  (published: 14.01.2008)
On Monday January 14, 2008 dr. Ljerka Markić Čučuković Award was awarded to the best LIS students at University of Zagreb ina academic year 2006/2007, Lea Ledinski and Helena Novak. An award for significant contribution to librarianship in 2007. has been awarded to Tinka Katić for her book Old books: bibliographic organization and information upublished by CLA. Congratulations!

7th Roundatable on Free access to information  (published: 13.11.2007)
CLA - Commiittee on free access to information and freedom of expression, Working group on copyright and Department of Librarianship, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University on occasion of International Human Rights Day, organizes 7th Roundatable on Free access to information. The Roundtable will take place on December 10, 2007 in Zagreb. This year's theme is Free access to information and intellectual property rights.

Bill on Libraries and library activities  (published: 11.07.2007)
At CLA website you can access Bill on Libraries and library activities adopted by CLA's Head Board at its meeting held June 29, 2007.

Old book: bibliographic organization of information  (published: 04.07.2007)
As a part of Special editions of CLA a new publication has been published: "Old book: bibliographic organization of information by Ms Tinka Katić. The book is an updated version of author's Master thesis and deals with organization of information for the old books in the period from 1455 to 1850. It has been reported on in CERL Bulletin

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