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HKD  //  Seminars and conferences  //  Seminars and conferences in Croatia  //  15th Round table on Mobile Libraries and 9th Festival of Croatian Mobile Libraries – with international cooperation
15th Round table on Mobile Libraries and 9th Festival of Croatian Mobile Libraries – with international cooperation

Location: online putem aplikacije Zoom 08.06.2021 - 09.06.2021
Organiser: HKD - Komisija za pokretne knjižnice i Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica Vinkovci

Financial supporters: Vukovar-Srijem County, Vinkovci City and Ministry of Culture and Media

In the period from 1999 to 2019, 14 round tables on mobile libraries in Croatia were held. Meetings are held in various Croatian cities, and the hosts and co-organizers of the meetings so far have been city libraries in Koprivnica (twice), in Čakovec, Bjelovar (twice), Karlovac (three times), Osijek, Pula, Rijeka (twice), Zadar and in Vinkovci. Since 2009, the Round Table for Mobile Libraries in the Republic of Croatia has been held every other year, and the last, very successful 14th round table with international participation and the 8th Festival of Croatian Bibliobuses was held in 2019 in Rijeka. The regular gathering of librarians of mobile libraries as a special type of library experts over the past period has greatly contributed to the continuous professional development of bibliobus crews that perform specific library tasks in mobile libraries. Also, there is a growing awareness of the need and benefits that mobile libraries can offer.

Members of the Program and Organizing Committee: Nika Čabrić, Iva Grković, Vedrana Lugić, Klaudija Mandić, Verena Tibljaš, Vladimir Vranješević, Ljiljana Vugrinec



  • 110th anniversary of the Karlovac Mobile Library
  • 45th anniversary of Mobile Library Service of Zagreb City Libraries
  • 15th anniversary of the Bibliobus Service of Vukovar-Srijem County
  • 15th anniversary of the Bibliobus Service of Zadar County
  • 20th Anniversary of The Commission for Mobile Libraries of Croatian Library Association
  • Croatian Bibliobus Day, June 9

Main title and topic: Mobile Libraries – before, during (and after) the coronavirus pandemic

Other topics:

  • How are Mobile Libraries working in the "new normal"
  • The role of the Mobile Library Service before, during (and after) the coronavirus pandemic


  • to maintain the continuity of professional meetings and presenting of mobile libraries in Croatia and in the region in order to improve their work and promote in public,
  • to popularize the activity of mobile libraries and encourage the development of existing services and establishment and development of new services
  • to use international experiences and establish partnerships
  • to present Croatian mobile libraries and promote activities and objectives of not only mobile libraries but public libraries in general.

Librarians are invited to report presentations as examples of good practice. Presentations can be accompanied by a live power point presentation, pre-recorded presentations or recorded video presentations - in duration from 8 to 10 minutes.

Way of participating: guest speakers, lecturers, participation without giving a lecture, discussion, findings, accompanying program.

The languages of the conference are Croatian and English.

There is no registration fee.

For guest speakers and lecturers: deadline for registration is April 30, 2021 via online form.

The received abstracts will be reviewed by the members of the Program Committee of the Conference, and the notification of the accepted presentation will be sent by e-mail.

For participants without presentations: deadline for registration is May 20, 2021 via online form.

Contact person: Nika Cabric, mob.: +385 99 4694 510; e-mail address: pokretne.knjiznice@gmail.com

The program of the Conference will be announced in mid-May 2021.

All registered participants will be emailed a link to access the Conference.

All registered participants will receive a certificate of participation and a booklet of abstracts.

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