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Commission for Green Libraries


Program for 2023:

1) Holding lectures on green libraries
The purpose of lectures on green libraries is to raise awareness of the need to be involved in such projects, to motivate librarians and to share and exchange experience and knowledge about project implementation.

2) Holding Sustainable Forums in cooperation with the National and University Library in Zagreb
These are forums as part of the Green Library for a Green Croatia project, which are held in the National and University Libraries in the spirit of permanent commitment to environmental issues.

3) Holding the 8th joint action "Let's start green libraries"
Since 2015, the Working Group for Green Libraries has been conducting year-round joint actions Let's start green libraries. The working group for green libraries would continue this practice in cooperation with the Green Action Association, with the aim of promoting a sustainable society and environmental protection through libraries and library societies. At the end of 2022, the eighth joint action "Let's start green libraries" will be held. As a rule, each action lasts for one year until the next one starts.

4) Organization of the 2nd international conference Lets go green in cooperation with NSK in Ireland
As part of the Conference, members of the library community and other participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the development of green librarianship and to exchange experiences and examples of good practice in this context.

5) Support for librarians
Since its inception, the working group has been at the disposal of fellow librarians and is open to all forms of cooperation. The work will continue in the same spirit in 2023.

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