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EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme - poziv (02.12.2013)

 EIFL's Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL PLIP) objavio je natječaj za prijavu programa s temom Innovative libraries preparing children and youth for the future. Rok za prijavu programa je 31. siječnja 2014.

 EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme has launched a new grant call: Innovative libraries preparing children and youth for the future.
We would be grateful if you could share this opportunity through your library association communication channels and social media, as we want to reach as many libraries and librarians as possible - and attract some exciting applications.
The call is open to public and community libraries in developing and transition economy countries.
Applicants may submit proposals for up to US$20,000.
The application deadline is Jan 31, 2014.
To apply, libraries must identify a local need (or needs) of children or youth, and develop a project that:
•Is completely new for the library, or for the community;
•Uses information and communication technology in new and creative ways, and
•Develops new partnerships, with agencies like government departments, civil society organizations or technology innovators.
Click http://www.eifl.net/call-proposals to find full information about the grant, application guidelines and an application form.
Please contact Jean Fairbairn (jean.fairbairn@eifl.net) should you need a logo or illustration or any further information to share.

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